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Scotts Pitch Hit and Run Winners

Updated Wednesday May 8, 2019 by The OALL administrator.

It was a great night tonight at our Pitch Hit and Run Competition, congratulations to our winners and thank you to all the volunteers that came out!

7/8 Girls All Around Champ - Ella Tustin
9/10 Girls All Around Champ - Jaida Hess
11/12 Girls All Around Champ - Cassie Naggy

7/8 Boys Hitting - Paxon Groff
7/8 Boys Pitching - Chase Dizel
7/8 Boys Running - Lucas Kreider

7/8 Boys All Around Champ - Lucas Krieder

9/10 Boys Hitting - Zach Thompson
9/10 Boys Pitching - Chris Tustin
9/10 Boys Running - Bryce Calvin/Noah Bucklin

9/10 All Around Champion - Kellan Capotrio

11/12 Boys Hitting - Mason Hanby
11/12 Boys Running - Gabe Kreider
11/12 Boys Pitching - Chase Fetrow/Camryn Naggy

11/12 All Around Champion - Gabe Kreider

13/14 Pitching - Ryan DeLuca
13/14 All Around - Jackson Leaman

Good Luck in the next round everyone!

OALL Fall Ball 2019

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For ages 6 to 12 (Little League Age 2019). This Season will run from Mid to Late August and run to Early November.