League and Board Information

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Octorara Area Little League
PO Box 21
Christiana, PA  17509
Phone: 610-529-0713

The Board of the 2019 OALL 
President Phil Capotrio  president@octoraralittleleague.org  
Vice President Jason Wiley     
Player Agent JR Scott playeragent@octoraralittleleague.org  
Treasurer Joseph Corvaia treasurer@octoraralittleleague.org  
Safety Ron Deeter safety@octoraralittleleague.org  
Sponsorship Nicole Naggy sponsorship@octoraralitteleague.org  
Field Manager Jon Palmos fields@octoraralittleleague.org  
Equiptment Manager Denim Kurtzhal     
Information Officer Jon Palmos admin@octoraralittleleague.org  
Events Jackie Stine  events@octoraralittleleague.org  
Concessions April Pidgeon  concessions@octoraralittleleague.org  
Umpire In Chief Denim Kurtzhal  umpires@octoraralittleleague.org